People have always engaged in art to express their thoughts and creativity. Be it in the form of paintings, sculptures, or even pottery, activities like art have been a part of our lives right from the early days of civilization. Even cavemen drew on the walls of their caves!

While that’s interesting, what’s sad is that with the modern-day hustle of life, art takes a backseat once the school curriculum gets over.

But did you know that experts suggest that we should add the artistic remedy to our daily self-care routine? It’s true! According to them, self-care shouldn’t be limited to bubble baths or massages; instead, it should include activities that nourish our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Art Therapy

Unsplash | Engage in creative arts can prove healing for the mind and soul

On that note, we’re here to share an interesting idea with you – art therapy! Join us as we unravel some art therapies which can be added to the daily routine to boost an individual’s well-being.

Colors and coloring books aren’t restricted to children!

An assortment of colors, brushes, and other tools are readily available to cut down the stress of life. Many companies even sell adult coloring books that contain intricate mandalas and complex pictures you can get lost into while coloring.

Such techniques can help you let go of your work and other stress and sort-of meditate by emptying the mind and making you focus only on coloring.

How about some Responsive Art?

If colors don’t interest you that much, something else like writing could seem exciting. Many people have a passion for penning down poems, prose, quotes, or even articles. Including such things into the routine can help curb negativity and foster relaxation. This might also bring out one’s emotional side.

Responsive Art

Unsplash | If you have a passion for writing poems, prose, quotes, or even articles, cultivate it

Quite frankly, the art therapy you opt for doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. You can try your hands on something utterly simple like doodling, sketching with a pencil, scribbling on paper, color pouring, or anything else that cools down your emotional war.

Oh, and there are also Craft Activities…

The whole idea behind such creative therapy is to materialize the thoughts in your mind and spark a sense of motivation. So crafts and any other creative pursuits can also be done. Creating a vision board, for example, gives you an inner strength to achieve your goals.

You may use collage art by pasting pictures of your dream car or dream destination. Additionally, you can also try your hands on the scrapbook collection. Additionally, quilting, hand embroidery, crochet, knitting, macramé, and resin art are a few other activities that promote a positive change into an individual.

Craft Activities

Unsplash | Quilting, hand embroidery, crochet, knitting, macramé, and resin art make for great positivity boosters

Wrapping it up

People have started realizing the vitality of such activities to such an extent that multiple professional courses and workshops for them have come up, both online and offline. So take out just a few minutes for yourself every day to incorporate any form of art that might lead you to emotional success.