Chicory is a blue-colored plant with flowers that belongs to the dandelion family. Its root has various health benefits, including being used as a caffeine-free alternative to coffee. Though people have been using Chicory from the Egyptian times, the plant still hasn’t got its due when it comes to popularity.

Chicory Root

Unsplash | Chicory root offer excellent health benefits

Thus, with a mission to familiarize you with its awesomeness, we’ve prepared a summary of the benefits and uses of the Chicory root. Even if you do know about the plant, we bet you didn’t know many of these things!

  • Improves gut health

Inulin fiber, which has prebiotic properties, is found in plenty in Chicory root (nearly 68%). Prebiotics increase the absorption of nutrients and work as food for the microbes that help us fight toxic bacteria and reduce inflammation.

  • Controls blood sugar

Studies show that Chicory root helps regulate insulin levels in our bodies. It works to increase the blood antioxidant level and decrease weight. This is again due to the presence of inulin, which increases the growth of bacteria in carbohydrate metabolism.

  • Antioxidants

It contains several antioxidants that ensure that the artery function is smooth. It also decreases inflammation and protects us from liver damage. In addition to the antioxidants, Chicory root also has fiber, minerals, and vitamins.


VeryWellFit | Chicory improves gut health, control blood sugar, and is antioxidant-rich

  • Regulates bowel movements

Since Chicory root works as food for the gut bacteria, it also stimulates healthy digestion. It also works to reduce constipation.

  • Weight loss

Several studies have found that Chicory root fiber could work wonders in controlling appetite and reducing calorie intake. This assists with weight loss.

How can you use Chicory Root in your Diet?

The best part about consuming Chicory root is that it’s easy to blend into your diet. There is a chance you may already be having it unknowingly since some packaged foods use it as an additive. Its gelling abilities and slightly sweet taste make it a good substitute for sugar.

You can use the plant in cooking too. It can be consumed as a vegetable or even boiled for some recipes. Additionally, you can add it to other dishes to increase your inulin intake. Another popular way of consuming Chicory root is to use it as an alternative to coffee. Just roast and ground it! This will help you decrease your caffeine consumption.

Lastly, if you would rather eat the Chicory root in the form of a supplement, there’s a wide range of options available in health and wellness shops.

Chicory as coffee substitute

Shape | Chicory makes for a great coffee substitute

To Conclude

Although it has some fantastic benefits to offer, people who’re allergic to marigolds, ragweed, daisies, chrysanthemums, and any flowers or herbs might want to stay away from Chicory root.

Also, those who suffer from irritable bowel issues may want to check with their doctors before consuming this plant. It may be safe to say that though the root isn’t suitable for everyone, on a general level, it serves several health benefits and helps curb caffeine usage.