Matcha is a brew that rose from the corners of China but has now awed the world with its numerous health benefits.

In fact, a piece of sad news for the coffee addicts- your favorite caffeine-based beverage now has a rival. Matcha is a rival that you should look out for because it offers as strong a kick of caffeine as coffee, with a range of other benefits.


Deposit Photos | Matcha is grounded into powdered form

Where does Matcha come from?

Matcha means “powdered green tea,” and it is literally that. It comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant, a name you must have heard before in association with green tea. However, matcha offers more benefits than regular green tea, due to differences in cultivation and harvesting of the crop, as well as the processing that follows.

The leaves of the plant are covered with a lightly shaded cloth about a month before the harvest. This encourages an excessive production of chlorophyll and enriches the amino acid content, which is why the leaves turn a darker hue of green. The leaves are then critically chosen and handpicked, after which they are steamed to cease the bacteria culture.

Matcha in China

Deposit Photos | Matcha is a popular beverage in China and its neighbors

From there, they are sent into cold storage houses to be pressed before being grounded into a fine powder. It is this powder which is mixed by a teaspoonful into bubbling 100ml of water and consumed religiously in East Asia.

If you are not too fond of the taste of the actual matcha drink (yes, it might taste “too spinachy” to some people), well you could mix it with any sweetener like brown sugar, honey, or the white processed sugar (this should be the last preference). It can also be coupled with milk to mallow down the flavor, but it is all entirely up to your taste.

We know only one thing: adding it to your diet can prove to be very beneficial.

Benefits of Matcha

Benefits of Matcha

Pexels | A hit of matcha goodness is all you need to start your day off right

1. Has twice as many antioxidants than green tea

Antioxidants are useful to the body in fighting against the harmful radicals within it. The leaves of the plants that are processed into matcha are abundant in catechins, a component that acts as a natural antioxidant. This means that matcha can be your savior from chronic illnesses and cell damage.

2. Matcha is your cancer warrior

Matcha has a range of beneficial compounds. One of them is EGCG, which is studied widely in relation to halting cancerous growth in humans and animals.

3. Matcha can also be your cardiologist

Matcha, like green tea, has a reputable profile for lowering bad cholesterol in the body and improving heart health. Consequently, it reduces the risk of blood clotting and heart stroke.