Diabetes is a health issue that has disrupted many lives. It increases the level of blood sugar in our body, which is managed through Insulin, which is naturally produced within us. But in the case of diabetic people, the body either doesn’t make enough insulin, or it can’t use it appropriately.

According to research conducted in 2012, 12 to 14 percent of US adults suffer from type 2 diabetes, while 37 to 38 percent are pre-diabetic. Those numbers should be sufficient to draw your attention towards the alarming rate at which this condition is gripping people across the world.


Unsplash | A large number of people across the world are suffering from diabetes

If you’re suffering from diabetes, with a little effort, you can manage it efficiently so that your life doesn’t get impacted drastically. Have a look at these tips, which can help.

Exercise everyday

Exercising not only helps in losing weight, but it also pushes your muscles to use the sugar from the blood to make energy. It thus increases insulin’s response, which causes cells to use it in a better way.

Drink fenugreek water

This is a great tip! Soak some fenugreek seeds overnight and drink the water in the morning. This helps in detoxifying the body and also introduces soluble fiber, which slows down the rate of sugar absorption in the bloodstream.

Don’t stress yourself

Stress is a major reason for a lot of medical problems. It increases the production of hormones like cortisol and glucagon. These hormones are known for increasing blood sugar levels at a rapid pace, so try as much as possible to stay away from stress and anxiety.

Stress has a devastating effect on diabetes

Unsplash | To manage stress, you should keep a check on your stress levels

Keep yourself hydrated

Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. For this, you can carry lemonade or herbal tea in a flask and make sure you drink it at short intervals when you’re out of your home. Drinking lots of fluids will regularize your blood sugar level.

Administer portion control

Though people choose to completely remove foods rich in carbs from their diet, it isn’t effective since you might miss out on some vitamins and minerals. What you need to do is exercise portion control by eating carb-rich food in smaller amounts. This’ll decrease the overall carb intake and will provide you with the vitamins and minerals that you need.

Munching soaked nuts

Make it a habit to soak nuts overnight and eat them in the morning. This helps in promoting healthy fats and protein by stabilizing flow of nutrients and antioxidants.

Munching soaked nuts

Unsplash | Having a healthy diet and consuming soaked nuts is also advised

To Conclude

Do you know what the placebo effect is? If you don’t, try reading about it. It basically points towards the beneficial effect of treatment because of a patient’s belief in it. And now that you know how motivation and belief can help, try to keep yourself positive and keep believing in better health. Check your blood sugar level regularly and try to keep it in control. The first step is to make a decision and understand the gravity behind why you’re doing this.