Once again, Halloween has come and gone, leaving nothing in its wake but cheerful (and spooky) memories. Even though this year’s festivities were very different from the normal grand parties or trick-or-treating we’re all used to, people still found a way to keep traditions alive and to make the holiday fun for the little ones.

Even celebrities, though secluded and left to the recluse of their homes, celebrated the holiday with much fervor. Lucky for us, because seeing the costumes of our favorite stars, is one of the true joys of Halloween.

Speaking of stars, we can’t help but peek into the life of one of our favorite internet personalities, adored world-over for her wit and sass, Chrissy Teigen.

Chrissy Teigen and Co.’s Halloween

Halloween came early this year for Chrissy, John, and their beautiful kids, Luna Simone, 4, and Miles Theodore, 2.

Johns daughter Luna Simone

Instagram, John Legend |Luna in her Supergirl costume!

“It’s Halloween here at the legend household,” writes Teigen, posting a picture on Instagram of her nurse, dressed in a medieval nurse’s costume, giving the model some form of medical treatment. Having recently lost her son Jack after 20 weeks of pregnancy, Chrissy has been on medical treatment for quite some time now.

The family celebrated Halloween a day earlier this year, and let us tell you, their costumes just never fail to hit the mark. Thanks to Chrissy and John’s Instagram page, we got to see pictures of an adorable Luna in a Supergirl costume, Miles in a cute little dino costume, John in a classic Spiderman costume, while Chrissy dressed up as a ballerina right out of Black Swan.

The White Swan with her little one

The White Swan with her little one

Since the cookbook author took a much-needed break from the internet following the loss of her son, it seems she has returned much stronger, keen on making up for lost time, and devoted to being a good mother to her kids.

If there’s anything the Legends know how to do, it’s creating a jolly fun day for themselves. Through the Instagram stories on Chrissy’s page, we also got to see all the fun activities the family enjoyed together before and during the holiday including making yummy mummy dogs, candied caramel apples, and even having Luna’s face painted green like a witch!

Johns sohn

Instagram, Chrissy Teigen |Miles in an adorable dino onesie!

Hillary Clinton Endorses Chrissy Teigen

After her return to social media, Chrissy shared a long essay explaining her sentiments and the difficulties she faced after losing Jack. Through this essay, she also thanked everyone who shared their stories with her and offered the family words of consolation.

Clinton shared the essay on Twitter the following day, thanking Chrissy in turn for her bravery for verging into such a sensitive topic and successfully starting a conversation. What followed was a response from an emotional Chrissy, thanking Clinton for her years of service to women and children’s health.