Garlic has been used as a powerful herb in the traditional Ayurveda for many years. Herbal practitioners make use of garlic cloves to prepare medicines, and it also rules various cuisines worldwide. Its distinctive and satisfying flavor and aroma make it one of the most preferred herbs in all culinary spots.

Garlic for Health Protection

Unsplash | Garlic offers some amazing health benefits

Not only does garlic create a flavourful impact, but it also renders impressive health benefits to the human body. Through this post, let’s try to discover some interesting facts about garlic and look at its potential medical benefits.

Historical evidence of the usage of Garlic

Many medical professionals have been incorporating garlic in their practice for several years. There is evidence in history that people have been consuming garlic for more than 5000 years.

From the ancient Greek era to the Egyptian civilization, and from Indus valley to China, garlic has its roots. The Middle East, East Asia, and Nepal are no exceptions. They have traditionally used this potent herb to cure diseases like bronchitis, hypertension, diabetes, etc.

Health benefits it has to offer

As stated earlier, garlic is linked to numerous health benefits. A few of them are listed below. However, the list is not limited to the following:

  • Immune support

Many researchers support the immunity bolstering ability of garlic. It can cure illnesses by fighting infections and treating wounds. It also aids in healing colds and flu. The garlic extract from an aged fruit is also helpful in enhancing the immune cell function.

Garlic For Immune Support

Unsplash | Regular consumption of garlic boosts immunity

  • Reduction in Lung cancer and Brain cancer risk

Consumption of raw garlic twice a week results in a decreased risk of lung cancer. Garlic potentially serves as a chemo-preventive source for lung cancer.

Additionally, it has proven ingredients like organo-sulfur, which has been identified as an active agent in destroying the cells of a specific brain tumor.

  • Aids in Hip osteoarthritis and bone health

Garlic belongs to the family of allium vegetables. Allium vegetables, especially garlic, have compounds that are potentially beneficial to treat the condition of hip osteoarthritis, especially in women and older adults. This plant’s natural compounds are believed to help deflect the breakdown of bones.

  • Heart protection

A unique chemical component of garlic is known as Diallyl trisulfide, which helps during a heart attack or cardiac surgery. It can even prevent heart failure. Garlic is considered to be a great source of supplying hydrogen sulfide to the Heart. Lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, minimizing artery stiffness are few health benefits of having garlic regularly.

Garlic For Heart protection

Unsplash | Garlic helps fight off diseases

  • Maintain gut health

Garlic is a powerful antibiotic due to Diallyl trisulfide present in it. It also acts as a prebiotic, highly beneficial for good bacteria in the gut to boost the diversity of microbes in the stomach.

To Conclude

Garlic consumption has several advantages; however, consuming it often is not recommended without any medical practitioner’s guidance. It is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It kills not only harmful germs but also the most needed friendly bacteria.