With summer having dashed out its last surges of heat, Americans are finally welcoming their favorite season with open arms. That’s right, at long last, fall is here! The season that brings breezy winds, vibrantly colored leaves, and two of the nation’s most beloved holidays.

While there is a wide range of activities that you can partake in with your friends and family during this time of year, 2020 is anything but normal, and we are currently in the midst of a global pandemic.

Due to safety protocols like mask-wearing, social distancing, and other safety measures, there are many complications that now come attached to what used to be the most enjoyable of activities of the season.

But, does that mean that you sit out on all the fall-time fun? Absolutely not!

Here are three activities that you can enjoy this fall with your friends and family-

1. Apple picking

We know that many apple picking events such as the North Carolina Apple Festival and the Georgia Apple Festival have been canceled this year, but who says you can’t have some apple-picking fun on your own? Farm orchards remain open even so, ensuring public safety by managing crowds through offering bookings for a specific time or timed entries.

Every farm has specific policies in place like;

– using bags provided by the farm

– wearing masks

– washing hands before entering the orchard

– refraining from eating fruit in the orchard.

The policies can be checked on the farm’s website. Make sure to remind the young ones about the safety procedures before leaving the home. And, as soon as you return, make sure to wash your hands and the fruit immediately.

Orchards for family-time fun

Deposit Photos |Orchards are great for some family-time fun

2. Scavenger Hunts

If you’re anxious about leaving the house with your kids, fret not. A scavenger hunt is the perfect indoor activity to keep the family entertained! With proper safety precautions in place, there’s no reason you can’t keep this fun tradition alive.

Furthermore, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has also issued a safety guide for hosting an indoor scavenger hunt for people of ages 6 and above. If you’re inviting people from other households to join in on the fun, make sure to keep a six-feet distance at all times and to wear a mask!

child’s safety

Deposit Photos |Your child’s safety is in your hands

3. Hiking

For people who hate being stuck at home during COVID lockdown, hiking is the perfect getaway. And even if you’re not a big fan of hiking, wouldn’t you like to feel that cool, fresh fall breeze on your face as you finally get the chance to connect with nature once again?

However, before your trip, make sure to check the park’s website because, while many state and national parks have been opened, only a few of them have visitor services such as centers, restrooms, playgrounds, boat rentals, etc., open due to COVID. Don’t forget to pack your handwash, water, and sanitizer to stay clean when you’re out of your home.


Deposit Photos |Maintain a safe distance from other hikers on the trail

Take Away

Don’t forget that with COVID-19, there are zero no-risk scenarios. You always have to think of the risk, in relation to how close you will be to people, how much socially distant you can get from them, the size of the crowd, and whether or not the place will have proper ventilation.

Moreover, apart from the activities listed above, you can always brainstorm ways in which you can make your favorite ones safe for you and your loved ones.

Also, in the thirst to fulfill outdoor activities, don’t forget about all the indoor fun you can have during fall, like decorating pumpkins, making candied apples, and baking apple pies.