We get it- staying productive throughout the week is perhaps one of the biggest challenges we face as adults, all due to a significant lack of motivation. How do you find the motivation to go through the mountainous pile of tasks on your to-do list, especially, while you’ve been stuck in lockdown for so long? Well, if you find yourself forcefully dragging your feet through your routine for the day, it might do you some good to switch up the schedule a bit.

According to recent research, the most important part of being productive is timing. If you pay more attention to timing when you’re making the day’s schedule, you might just be able to complete more of your work in a shorter period.

Increase your Productivity

Deposit Photos | It is wise to create a schedule according to your internal clock

Don’t believe us? Give it a try yourself.

The following tricks will definitely help you out in your daily routine.

1. Start the day with an endorphin boost

Morning exercises are the perfect way to start the day as they induce an energizing endorphin boost, which lifts your energy, mood, and even helps you concentrate more. While exercising, your brain permits as little distractions as possible, therefore, when you start your work right afterward, you get more clarity.

If you’re not an exercise person, go for other things that might help increase the endorphins such as aromatherapy, music, or a nice hot bath.

Starting the day with an endorphin boost

Deposit Photos | Starting off strong with an endorphin rush will help you make wise decisions

2. Get the important decisions out of the way

Now that you’ve got your morning endorphin rush and breakfast out of the way, it’s the perfect time to hop on the decision-making train. As your day wears on, your ability to make appropriate decisions will keep decreasing because your brain and body will be tired, hence causing you to pick simple options over smart ones. Keep your toughest choices scheduled for the morning time, and if you have a super important decision to make after 6 pm, get a second opinion.

3. Put on the creativity hat

How many times have had your eureka moment when least expecting it? Scientists claim that many of your best ideas come from being distracted, so use that to brainstorm your way to some good ideas. The best way to get a lightbulb moment is by noting down your ideas in the early afternoon hours when cortisol levels, alertness, and body temperature start dipping.

4. Go big or go home

How often do you find yourself elated on Thursdays and Fridays, or right before you get off work? This is because, as scientists claim, people tend to be happier as they approach the end of the day or week. Hence, it is suggested that you make big requests around these times, and you might just get your away. If you’re aiming for a promotion, raise, or a longer vacation than usual, this is the best time to throw in your requests.

search of good ideas

Deposit Photos | Let your mind wander off in search of good ideas

Final Thought

The concept of creating schedules has been around for decades, yet very few people make an effort to shuffle their routines around to see what works best for them. Scientifically speaking, there is a proper time in the day for every activity, so it is recommended that you follow the suggested time for each activity to ensure maximum productivity.