We all know what a sugar rush feels like. When you have too much sugar, you are filled with unexpected energy, but have you ever wondered why it happened? Your brain needs sugar to function, and you need to it fuel your brain functions. So, when you don’t have enough sugar in your system, you get flustered easily, feel exhausted, and even feel the need to take a nap.

But, what happens when you have TOO MUCH sugar in your system?

sugar is one of the Brain Damage Factors

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The Science Behind Sugar Consumption

First things first, once the sugar touches your tongue, your taste buds spur into action and signal the brain. This signal promotes the release of a hormone called dopamine. Dopamine is usually dubbed as the ‘feel-good’ brain chemical. This quickly changes your behavior and makes you crave more.

Dopamine is released whenever you consume sugar, which is the reason you feel the need to have more sugary items. According to neuroscience, sugar can often act as a drug because of its effect on your brain.

sugars forms

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Consuming sugar is no problem for you because there are many varieties of biscuits, candies, and whatnot. Surprisingly, many foods that you consume that are not particularly sweet in taste have sugar in them, such as ketchup or your favorite salad dressing. When you consume more sugar, your brain adapts to the new routine and makes you want more sugar.

Why Does the Body Crave More?

So, why does that happen? Well, the answer would be that your guts and brain are connected. When you eat sugar, it activates your brain function and releases insulin- a hormone to deal with excessive sugar.

Insulin commands the fats to store the extra sugar, resulting in a lesser sugar count in your bloodstream. A bloodstream with low glucose levels gives the brain the impression that the body needs sugar, and that’s how you feel the need to have more.


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Effects of Excess Sugar 

Now, eating sugar sounds great and harmless, but it’s actually not. Consuming more sugar and exercising less can result in your body gaining weight, which has implications of its own. So, the question that now arises is that, can you cut back on extra sugar?

Yes, you can. Just like you can make your brain adapt to high sugar, you can also make your brain rewire itself to consume less sugar, but there is no easy way to it.

Sometimes, cutting back on sugar can take weeks and months to adapt to but it probably for the best healthy lifestyle, and a few donuts here and there never hurt anyone.