How many times have you come across people telling you that children are quicker learners than adults? Probably a lot, right! But did you know that contrary to what many believe, the ability to improve memory and other brain capabilities isn’t restricted to childhood?

Sharpen the Memory

Unsplash | Like children, adults too can memorize things accurately if they follow these tips

It’s true. People can learn and memorize things as accurately as kids even in their middle age, but there’s one string attached to that statement. They must not be bogged down by factors like negativity, lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, and the like.

Through a recent study on “neuroplasticity,” scientists have proved that the elderly can form new brain nerve networks and that helps improve memory as well as overcome aging problems. But to be able to achieve this feat, they need to do the following:

Stop performing multiple tasks simultaneously

Although engaging in several tasks simultaneously is usual for many people, science has proved that it makes you slower and more prone to errors and forgetfulness.

Research points out that the brain needs about 8 seconds to establish information in the memory. So if you are talking on the phone and carrying something while placing your car key on a table, you are more likely to forget where the key is.

Play more IQ games and tricks

Experts recommend that you should try playing intelligence games and tricks as they have a significant effect on improving memory and mental abilities. It isn’t necessary that you specifically find IQ enhancing games. The simplest ones like the Sudoku could do the trick.

 IQ games sharpen the memory

Unsplash | Playing IQ enhancing games like chess and Sudoko can boost memory in adults

Acquire new skills

Learning new skills such as cooking or other skills that require the use of more than one sense helps strengthen and stimulate the nervous system and resist all symptoms associated with aging. This helps improve health in general and memory in particular.

Use your visual memory

Visual memory is usually much more reliable than verbal or auditory memory. Thus, it is recommended that you stimulate it by looking at pictures of significant occasions of your life.


According to psychology experts, chaos causes distraction. If your surroundings are tidy, you can concentrate and focus better. Hence, it is advised to be organized in all aspects of your life so that you have a sharper and clearer memory.

Chew gum

You read that right! Chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain, thus stimulating memory and keeping it active and functional.

Chew gum sharpen the memory

Unsplash | It may sound peculiar, but chewing gum improves brain blood flow thereby boosting memory

Sleep well

Good sleep plays an essential role in brain health and memory strengthening. 7-9 hours a day of rest must be one of your priorities.

To Conclude

Your brain, just like your muscles, needs some attention and care, so that time does not affect it negatively. Just like you train your muscles to perform better in the long run, you must also train your brain to stay active and productive.