The recent pandemic has introduced us to a new way of living. Quarantine and isolation are the order of the day. And while being alone with no one to talk to may sound like an utterly dull lifestyle choice, in the traveling landscape, this trend is disrupting popular perceptions.

Solo trips have captured the imagination of explorers. After all, having complete control over what to eat, which place to see, and where to stay would undoubtedly be in anyone’s bucket list, right? But more than the joy of having some “me” time, the pandemic has made solo travel beneficial for other reasons too.

How so? Well, let’s find out.

Solo trips

Unsplash | The solo traveling trends has been on the rise during this pandemic

Why is solo travel trending in this pandemic?

Starting with the biggest non-material benefit of a solo trip – it’s all about you. You have the freedom to be as selfish as you want. You don’t have to consult with anyone on the plan or schedule of the trip. Want to visit the Eiffel tower at the end of your vacation? Then at the end, it will be!

Secondly, when you’re traveling alone, the budget issue reduces. Traveling with friends or family means your pocket will get extremely thin because you have to plan as per the wishes of everyone accompanying you. Solo trips mean your choices, your dreams.

But here’s the best part which makes solo travel during COVID-19 especially lucrative.

With the travel industry being several impacted and social distancing in place, tour operators are smartly advertising solo traveling as an upcoming trend. They’re developing sweet deals to promote it. Though the global plan is only expected to hit the floors about 6 months in the future, the demand is already on the rise.

solo travel trending during pandemic

Unsplash | Traveling alone not only means you have total freedom to choose what to eat and where to stay, it enforces social distancing automatically

Not only this, the traveling charges on solo trips have also been slashed to pull in more adventurers. Take the Cox and Kings’ case for example. With the initial loss faced by the traveling giant due to the pandemic, premium charges on solo trips organized by them have been cut down drastically. Such strategies have helped companies to create a win-win situation for themselves as well as hopeful travelers.

And here’s a look at the astounding numbers

Do you know how many people have enrolled in traveling alone for 2021? According to Overseas Adventure Travels, it’s well over 24000! Such tremendous growth in solo trips has put the organization to increase availability by 76%.

To make it more feasible, many companies have lowered their supplement charges as well. Before the pandemic, you had to pay a premium charge for keeping a room all to yourself. But now, it’s all yours well within your budget.

solo travel

Unsplash | Additionally, to revive the troubled travel sector, travel companies have cut down charges on solo travel

So basically, the bottom line is…

Enjoying your own company is much more fun now than at any other time. With social distancing in place and the travel sector trying to revive itself, the world actually wants you to travel alone, and that too, at budget-friendly prices! So why miss the chance?