At the turn of seasons, often everybody in the house, starting from children to grandparents, get victimized by fever, runny nose, body aches, and congestion.

Although being ill gives us an excellent opportunity to laze around, and enjoy a break from daily chores, frustrating office schedules, or school assignments, the idea of contracting flu every other month can be neck-breaking and annoying.

Cold and Flu Remedies

Unsplash | Care is better than cure

At the same time, the treatments corrode savings and empty wallets. Thus, instead of spending money on the recovery of disease, we should rather take measures to strengthen our bodies’ immunity to seasonal viruses.

Stated below are the different medicinal practices that can be employed to accelerate our body’s performance and fight cold and flu. Luckily, these holistic cold remedies can easily be practiced at home.

The Philosophy of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Melissa Carr is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Connect Health Centre. She revealed that traditional Chinese medicine concentrates on the performance of the lungs and dubs them as the “delicate organ”, because lungs are the first organ of the body that get infected by pathogens present in surroundings, which are breathed in through the oral and nasal airways.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Unsplash | TCM mainly employs herbal remedies

The central remedy of TCM that has been adopted into the modern medical field is astragalus, due to its energizing role. Other than that, the Chinese medicine also relies on Woad Root and mushroom, due to their precious anti-viral properties. The unique formula is derived based on these herbs after diagnosing the patient’s individual symptoms of flu and cold.

Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine 

The well-known author of medical editorials, Elvis Ali, is a practitioner of mind and body medicines.

He insists that cold and flu are your body’s call for better immune care. Thus, he emphasizes incorporating minerals, omega-3, essential fatty acids, multi-vitamins, and probiotics in the daily diet and recommends fulfilling the dietary needs of the body through supplements.

He also elongates on the usefulness of Hydrotherapy to boost the body’s resilience to seasonal flu. It is done by alternately soaking your foot in hot and icy cold water for 30 seconds each, beginning from the hot and finishing at the colder temperature for 3 or 4 repetitive cycles.

Philosophy of Ayurvedic Medicines

Founder of the Ayurveda Science Center, Ranvir Pahwa emphasizes treating cold chills and flu through herbology. His theory borrows wisdom from Chinese, Herbal, Western, and South-American medical practices. The highlight of his learning is on the daily usage of herbs such as neem, astragalus, ginger, elderberry extract, basil, goldenseal, oregano oil, reishi mushroom, American ginseng, clove, grapefruit seed extract, clove, amla, and Guduchi.

Philosophy of Ayurvedic Medicines

Unsplash | Aryuvedic cures employ a wide array of herbs, roots, and fruits

With his years of experience, he recommends that a combination of herbs is more effective in warding off the disease, accompanied by occasional gargling and oral drops and spray to hasten the recovery.

Philosophy of Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicine operates as a stimulus for the body’s own healing mechanism to spur it into action. The flu is usually treated with 30c potency pallets administered for a short period until the patient experiences an improvement of symptoms. The course of the treatment can be re-evaluated and re-started if the symptoms persist or condition worsens.

The widely used homeopathic remedies for cold and flu include Ferrum PhosphoricumGelsemium, and Bryonia.

The Bottom Line

These above prescribed natural remedies can be used together to improve overall immunity and remain safe from seasonal inflictions. It would not only upgrade the quality of life by improving stamina but, also will help keep the purse strings tight.

The best part: no more worrying about falling sick during important events and being forced to spend days in bed.