When you come across a house purchase or sale deal involving a celeb, you’re bound to think what makes these properties worth the prices? Well, this question really seems to answer itself in Cindy Crawford’s case, who, by the way, has listed her Beverly Hills’ house. Let’s spill the beans on this one, shall we?

Cindy Crawford

AP News | Cindy Crawford has listed her Beverly Hills house for over $15 million

Deets on the Deal

The supermodel who transformed the ramp game has recently put up her Beverly Hills house for sale for $15.995 million. This, of course, was a mutual decision between Cindy and her husband, Rande Gerber. The reason for this selling is unknown to the media at the moment. Hey, maybe they just got bored of it, eh!

With this sale, the couple hopes to bag in profit estimated at over $4 million since they’d originally bought the house in 2017 for $11.6 million. And guess who the prior owner of the property was – none other than the famous pop singer and OneRepublic star, Ryan Tedder. Guess it’s safe to say that the house already enjoyed an artistic character before Crawford and Gerber moved in!

Crawford’s Beverly Hills Mansion

Talking about the house, it extends over 5,000 square feet, is single-storied, and is laced with five bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms, all designed in a classic but slightly modern style. The living room has a floor-to-ceiling fireplace, pocket doors, and a wet bar that adds an elegant touch to the space. It also has other amenities such as a private swimming pool, a covered barbecue station, and a spa.

Crawford’s Beverly Hills Mansion

Popsugar | The ultra-luxurious house was previously inhabited by Ryan Tedder and even the Kennedys

The house was originally built in 1959 before it was developed and expanded by adding a new bedroom, a family room, and three-car garages. At the time, none other than the Kennedys were its resident, and as the Los Angeles Times reported, the Kennedys didn’t change the original decor and designs, whether inside or outside the house, but they changed the color of the exterior gate to dark black.

As usual, celebrities often like to own more than one home, and it’s no different in Cindy and her husband’s case. The famous couple also owns a contemporary pad in La Quinta’s exclusive Madison Club, and it cost them about $4.9 million when they bought it a few months ago. They also own two houses in Malibu of which they wanted to sell one last April, but that plan was unsuccessful due to the Corona pandemic.


Show and Tell | Crawford her family own other luxury houses as well

That’s it folks…

Cindy Crawford is one of the most beautiful models ever, and one of the most famous ones. She loves wowing the world with her charming looks and creative-genius photos. For someone who’s known for goodness and purity, we can only wish her luck, whether in her artistic career or real estate investments.