When the world was grappling with Coronavirus and the subsequent restrictions, a lot of mental health problems started afflicting people. From anxiety to depression, from stress to anger issues, everything seemed to be heightened.

Not just ordinary people, even celebrities, faced the same problems. And Camila Mendes’ recent revelations during a Zoom interview prove this.

Camila Mendes

Getty Images | Riverdale actress Camila Mendes opened up about her pandemic isolation problems over a Zoom interview

Riverdale actress Camila Mendes has opened up about her pandemic isolation problems. Mendes, who’s filming for the show in Vancouver, said that she struggled quite a bit during the lockdown period with halted work-life and distanced family and friends. However, with a positive mindset and some retrospection, the actress found how to invest her time for good.

In here, we’ve rounded up some glimpses of her lockdown self-care routine and how she coped with isolation and mental health. We’re sure you can make good use of them too.

Unfolding Camila Mendes’s video interview

When asked about enjoying filming in Canada alone, Mendes said that she’s a social butterfly and loves to spend time with her friends and family. However, during quarantine, she enjoyed spending time alone as it helped her reevaluate her priorities. Shedding light on her hobbies, Mendes revealed that she loved dining out, but the unavailability of that option in lockdown forced her to learn cooking.

This was quite the feat for the 26-year-old actress who said that even though her mother was a culinary student and her grandmother was a caterer, she was never interested in cooking.

Camila Mendes’s video interview

Amino | Mendes, who is otherwise a social butterfly, spent quarantine time cooking for herself

When questioned about her definition of wellness, Mendes revealed that it’s simply taking care of her bodily needs. She opened up about how her mother was health-oriented and emphasized the need for organic and healthy meals.

While talking about wellness, Mendes credited her dance classes as a kid and said that it helped her body stay active from a young age. Revealing private details about herself, she said that she had an eating disorder at one point in life, and none of the diets helped her. She only started improving when instead of following diets, she began listening to what her body needs, and that sometimes involves eating unhealthy food too!

When enquired about her mental health routine, Mendes revealed that she liked spending quality time alone. Recalling her panic attacks from Riverdale Season 5 shooting, she said that taking a break from technology and having relaxing baths helped her cope with the issue. Moreover, she never shied away from taking professional help as it works in the long run. Also, things like maintaining a daily journal helped her stay mentally fit.

Camila Mendes reveals her beauty secrets

Getty Images | Mendes says taking a break from technology, having relaxing baths, and maintaining a journal helped her a lot

So that’s it, folks!

Camila is one of the most beautiful actresses ever, and with a start like Riverdale, we can only wonder what she’s going to do in the upcoming future. All we wish is that she remains healthy and happy both in her career and personal life. And with that, we sign off today!