Imagine buying a house where a celebrity once lived – a Hollywood actor or even a NBA player! Would feel awesome, wouldn’t it? Maybe then you could go brag in front of your friends and family. Now imagine living in a house which was once owned by one of the most famous and most beautiful women in history. Adrenaline pumping yet?

Marilyn Monroe, the woman who brought unparalleled beauty and charisma to the world that no-one has been able to match, is in the news lately because the house she once lived in is up for sale. It was in the rumors for quite some time but it has been recently confirmed. And before you run out of your home to grab your hands on the deal, we’d like to let you in on the property’s inside story. So, stay tuned.

Marilyn Monroe

Biography | The California house where Marilyn Monroe once lived is listed on the market

How Marilyn came to be an occupant of the house

The property we’re talking about has been in the possession of Ray Anthony, the famous jazz singer and leader of a hugely successful band in the 40’s and 50’s. It was rumored that during that period Anthony was in a romantic relationship with Marilyn. People also speculated that she was living with Anthony in this house for quite a while. Anthony even had a grand party in Marilyn’s honor in 1952.

Despite all that, the now 98-year-old Anthony denies it saying that they were “just friends” and nothing happened further than that, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

What’s interesting though is that this house is also linked with several other famous names such as Gene Simmons, Sharon Stone and Quincy Jones.

Marilyn with Ray Anthony

Marilyn with Ray Anthony

Get to know the property

The California home is now for sale at a price of $5.475 million, which seems very reasonable considering the artistic and architectural value it has. It contains five main bedrooms for members of the house and three side bedrooms for guests. The exterior has a classic stucco look, and from the inside, the décor is simple and classic with a subtle artistic touch.

Most of the walls are brown reflecting an appearance of wood, the windows overlook the home’s swimming pool and the chairs are arranged around it. From the inside, there is a spiral staircase that takes you from the living room to the second floor, where you find the main suite waiting for you. The kitchen and bathrooms are equipped to the latest possible standards and sport an attractive modern décor.

California House Inhabited By Marilyn Monroe

Town & Country Mag | It’s offered at a price of $5.475 million

So, what we’re saying is…

Celebrity homes are often perfect and impeccable. You cannot criticize the designs, decorations, or even their location. This is, of course, one of those homes. But more than any other aspect of its reasonable price, we believe that given its history, the house won’t have to wait long on the market.