It can be frustrating when you head to bed after a laborious day with hopes of catching a deep sleep but only end up tossing and turning. It has happened to all of us at some point. Sleep manages to elude us at night, even though our eyes keep drooping during the day.

Everyday Sleep Struggle

Unsplash | Struggling to catch deep sleep every night can get frustrating

Suffering from insomnia can make you think that lucky are those who put their heads on the pillow and sleep immediately. But what you probably don’t know is that there are a few little things which can help give you a quick and healthy sleep within minutes. Yes, you too can count among the lucky ones!

So, are you ready to experience what 1-2-3-drop feels like? Here we go…

Make it a bit cooler

The warmth of the environment in which you sleep is among the most critical factors. It directly affects how well you sleep. Generally, covering up with heavy blankets or sleeping in a room that’s unusually hot makes resting difficult. To ensure you fall asleep quickly, maintain the room temperature at 18° C or less.

Have a hot shower

While high temperature adversely affects sleep quality, a hot shower can do wonders in inducing sleep. Typically, when the body is splashed continuously with hot water, it sends blood to the skin’s surface. Once you leave the bath, the blood vessels that become dilated by the warmth start releasing the heat from your body and its temperature drops. This makes the body as well as the brain aware that it’s time to rest.

Hide the clock

Checking the time continuously and calculating how many hours you have until the morning doesn’t help; instead, it leads to stress. Actually, continuous time monitoring causes stress in general, so you should ignore the watch once you’ve hit the bed.

Hide the clock

Unsplash | When you’re unable to sleep, staring at the clock won’t help

Reduce nicotine and caffeine

It takes more than five hours for the body to dispose off the caffeine you consume throughout the day. And if you’re a compulsive coffee drinker that means quite a huge chunk of caffeine to get rid of by the time you go to bed. So if you want to sleep well, you should stay away from coffee after 1 pm.

The 4-7-8 technique

This is rather interesting! Find a comfortable position; you can sit or lie down, but ensure that your back isn’t bent. Now touch your tongue’s tip on the front upper teeth. Breathe from your mouth, and count till seven while holding your breath. Now let the air out through the mouth. Before inhaling again, count to 8 and repeat this cycle four times. Before you know it, you will be asleep.

Use The 4-7-8 technique

Unsplash | Try taking a hot shower, cutting down on caffeine, and the 4-7-8 technique for catching sleep quickly

To wrap it up

Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining physical and mental health. Therefore, a regular sleep routine must be maintained, and that too, for a period no less than 7-8 hours per night for adults. Failure to obtain a sufficient amount of sleep leads to less activity, attention, and focus.