The excitement surrounding sleeper trains is difficult to narrate; you just have to experience it for yourself. From the undivided luxury to the bustling of activities, everything about being on a sleeper train voyage is lovely. And the best part is – you have a bed to yourself on the train! A bed on wheels, wouldn’t that be an adventure?!

Sleeper trains were in existence before the Wright brothers dazzled the world with an airplane. And the great news is that these trains operate to this very day. You can still hop on a sleeper train and enjoy the glamour and thrill of seeing the world across moving landscapes.

Best Sleeper Trains

Unsplash | Wouldn’t you like to have a luxurious bed on wheels? With these sleeper trains, you can

So, hop on as we take you on a ride aboard some of Europe’s best sleeper trains. And do keep the cash ready ‘coz you’ll want to head to the station right after!

Luxury El Transcantabrico

The luxury El Transcantabrico operates from Santiago de Compostela to Leon and vice versa. This sleeper train contains suites with wooden veneers and comfortable upholstery.

While traveling on this baby, you’ll feel the luxury of a five-star hotel. What’s more, along the route that it covers, you’ll see some of the most magnificent landscapes you’ve ever encountered. The train includes six sleepers, and each of them contains four double en-suite compartments.

Luxury El Transcantabrico

The luxury El Transcantabrico is a luxury sleeper train with suites having wooden veneers and comfortable upholstery

The French Thello

If you land in Rome and want to travel to Paris, this train will offer you a five-star getaway. Strikeout the option of the airplane as the French Thello sleeper train is more affordable and comfortable. You’ll start your journey with a drink or a light dish at the Gourmet restaurant Gare de Lyon in Paris.

After that, instead of seeing small houses from a plane’s window, you will enjoy the sight of the passing towns from the window of your room on the train. Life on this night train is full of fun, and before the dawn breaks, you’ll already be in the evangelical city of Rome.

The Orient Express

This is easily one of the most famous sleeper trains in Europe. It’s even been used in a novel titled Murder on the Orient Express. While initially, the Orient Express became operational in 1883, it has stopped functioning now. Today, the train is managed by a private company that has made sure that you sleep and dine with the utmost luxury. On its way from Venice to Istanbul, the train stops at Budapest or Vienna. If you want to get a taste of expensive galore, don’t miss this one!

The Orient Express

Elite Traveler | The Orient Express is probably the oldest luxury train still running

To wrap it up

Some more luxury trains we love are the Trans-Siberian Railway (seven-night express), the Nightjet from Brussels to Vienna, and the Night Riviera from London to Penzance. But there are so many more sleeper trains across Europe you should get to know in your life. And don’t forget to catch a ride on one if you can!