Ariana Grande is one of the most accomplished females in the modern world. Rising to stardom from the young age of 15, she has touched unprecedented heights of fame.

Thanks to her massive fanbase, Times listed her as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the year 2016 and 2019. If that wasn’t enough, Forbes has also recognized her as one of the highest-paid females in the industry. Additionally, Billboard applauded her as the Woman of the Year in 2018.

With so many accomplishments under her belt, it must be truly difficult to find a match worth pursuing. However, lucky for the superstar, Ariana Grande seems to have found someone to cherish life with.

Ariana Grande

Getty Images |Grande is one of the most popular artists today

Who’s the new romantic interest?

Apparently, the 27-year-old American singer is madly in love. Appearing in Justin Bieber’s hit single Stuck With You, Dalton Gomez was seen alongside Ariana Grande, where they both acted as a couple in the flirtatious zone.

This song was the first official revelation done by Grande in March, where she showed her new real estate broker boyfriend. Shortly after, Gomez featured in her Instagram story and now it has been seven months into the relationship, with their love life going as strong as ever. Oh, how times flies!

romantic interest

LA Times |The couple quarantined together in Grande’s LA home

Grande’s latest album, Positions, is all about hot affairs and hookups, where she sounds extremely jubilant and over the moon. Sources close to Grande revealed that the artist has a strong case of the lovebug, which deserves all the credit for the passion-filled songs.

Sources also claim that Grande and Gomez are just like any average couple, engaging in ‘normal activities’, with Gomez acting as an outlet for her from the Hollywood craziness she often finds herself stuck in. They both stay low-key, spending most of their time at Grande’s Los Angeles House. They spent their quarantine time there as well, spending a lot of uninterrupted time together.

What about Ariana’s last relationship?

This new highlight of her life was preceded by her very public breakup with her former fiancé, Pete Davidson- an American comedian, writer, actor, and producer- a person very contrary in the field to Grande’s current love interest, who is as far away from the media industry as can possibly be.

Ariana’s last relationship

Vanity Fair |Davidson with Grande before the breakup

The only tone of doubt about this relationship is vocalized by her in her newest album when she sings:

“Heaven sent you to me,

I’m just hoping I don’t repeat history.”

We also hear that the iconic song Thanku Next might contain a hidden message to Davidson at having been forgotten by Grande for good. The rest of the album reflects her buoyancy at being in a new relationship.

Her spokesperson also revealed that Ariana wants the world to know about her being happy and thus, her entire new album is flirtatious, hinting at good public and private life.