Modern research states that 70 percent of adults out of all US population find themselves experiencing extreme stress and tension daily with constant headaches, nausea, etc. If YOU are one of them, you need to find ways to manage anxiety to lead a stress-free life.

Keeping stress at bay enables you to lead a happy and healthy life. But are you wondering how to find peace with the crap you have to deal at your workplace daily? Or you are conjecturing that your experience in life is not entirely overwhelming? Here are some tips to steal your mind away from the source of stress.

long silent walk decrease stress

Unsplash | Sometimes the mind craves a long silent walk to contemplate life

1. Practice stress management techniques such as playing with playdough, slime, magic sand, or squishy toys. Show your artistic side by painting or making a collage. While your hands are at work, the stress starts draining out without you noticing it.

2. Spend a portion of your time carrying out relaxation exercises. Yoga is one of the most soothing ones, followed by meditation. Or you can invest some time doing a workout, learning martial arts. Exercises not only help divert your mind but also keep your body in shape, rendering it to fight back stress.

3. Playing fighting simulation games on your x box or other gadgets is also a way to shed tons of stress off your shoulders. It’s the best way to divert the route off aggression that you feel towards people or about situations that you’re unable to tackle.

4. Cuddling your partner is said to relieve anxiety within minutes. It works towards remarkable mood adjustments making you feel astonishingly fresh.

various art forms decrease stress

Unsplash | Expressing yourself through various art forms can make you less anxious

5. Taking a walk along the beach helps balance your attitude and emotions. Sounds of waves along with a little sunshine and fresh air help boost up your stamina, constant contact with the sandy surface distracts you to the point that you forget all the strains of your life.

6. Staying positive in whatever you do has a magical effect on your brain cells. Most of the tension and pressure are just because you tend to overthink things. Accept this fact that there will always be a few instances where you will be helpless to control the situation. Do not fuss over then but instead sit back and let nature work its wonders.

7. Regular exposure to your hobbies is one way to counter stress, and it can be anything that you enjoy investing your time in. Take a horse ride, dive in the sea, take a dip in the pool, spend your time in gardening, prepare a lavish meal to treat yourself, or simply go for a morning walk.

Sport decrease stress

Unsplash | Sporty activities are known to help in relieving stress

8. Invest your time in activities that bring a peal of laughter on your face. Either watch a stand-up comedy, a sitcom movie, read a comic book, or just call up an old friend who is sure to make you giggle. Your tension would vanish in no time.

9. Friends are the cheapest therapy one can invest in. A meetup with a friend could be as simple as a trip to the grocery store or playing a board game while staying at your friend’s place. Friends and family reunion definitely light up the mood like nothing else.

10. Build up the courage to deny requests that are prone to give you anxiety exposures. A no to something you’re not obliged to do would not harm you anyway, in fact saying yes would put you in additional stress than you deserve for your kindness.