If you’ve heard about aloe vera, you probably know two basic facts about it- a) it’s the gooey substance that gives you help from unwanted sunburns and b) simply a popular choice of houseplant among twenty to thirty-year-olds.

While the spikey succulent might be useful in both these scenarios, it’s advantages are much broader than we give it credit for.

Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Unsplash | The underrated plant has many uses and benefits

Originating from the Arabian Peninsula, aloe vera’s name comes from the Arabic word “Alloeh”, and it is historically known for being used by the Egyptians for medicinal and remedial purposes.

We bet you didn’t know that more than 2000 years back, the plant was alluded to by Egyptians as “the plant of immortality” and “the universal panacea” by Greek researchers.

Being an overstretch as that may, the plant’s many benefits are worth paying accolade to. Dermatologist Lian A. Mack, MD, while considering the beauty benefits of aloe vera, says that the plant acts as an agent that heals naturally on account of its bounty of vitamins A and C, antioxidants, and enzymes. For the plant to endure the brutal atmosphere conditions it comes from, it saves water in its leaves. Since the aloe plant flourishes in dry, unsteady climates, it is effective in ensuring that the skin remains hydrated and clear.

 aloe vera and ancient egyptians

Unsplash | Ancient Egyptians were known to use aloe vera for medical purposes

From warding off troublesome pimples to performing amazingly as a cosmetics remover to soothing bug bites, read on to learn about the surprising ways in which you can fuse aloe vera into your daily beauty routine and soothe annoying skin conditions.

1. Face Moisturizer

Aloe vera’s water-thick leaves, together with the plant’s complex sugars make it a wonderful face cream, which clarifies why you’ll see it on many items for “soothing” and “hydrating” purposes. The lightweight consistency and mending properties likewise make it perfect for skin during the long stretches of summer.

2. Pimple Spot Treatment

Dr. Mack likewise says aloe vera can help treat skin break out, yet notes it works best on shallow surface skin inflammation instead of cystic or deeper skin break out. So, if you have any bothersome pimples, grab a good amount of the gooey substance to bring the irritation down.

3. Cosmetics Remover

Dr. Mack likes aloe vera as a replacement for oil-based cosmetics removers. The skin all over, particularly around our eyes, is viewed as one of the most fragile pieces of skin on our whole body, she lets us know. Because of its dampness, aloe vera can undoubtedly and tenderly remove makeup without causing irritation or strain on sensitive areas on your face.

aloe ver is a Cosmetics Remover

Unsplash | Aloe vera can solve many pesky skin conditions

4. Breastfeeding Relief

Dr. Mack knows from individual experience that the magical plant works for breastfeeding, saying that it has become a lifeline for her exhausted, sore nipples. Since aloe vera is known to alleviate the skin profoundly, the gel helps in recuperating nipples when they are too delicate to even withstand touching your clothing, says the doctor. And, it’s perfectly fine if your infant, in some way or another, winds up accidentally ingesting it.

5. Bug Bite Relief

Aloe vera is an extraordinary at-home cure for bug bites when combined with OTC hydrocortisone. It soothes the inflamed region, and hydrocortisone helps in controlling the itch.