Watermelon is probably one of the most vibrant fruits out there. A beautiful splish-splash of colors, this tropical green-on-the-outside-red-on-the-inside fruit bursts with juicy flavors that you won’t be able to resist. And it’s no secret that watermelon, any melon for that matter, is supremely beneficial in weight loss.

What? Didn’t you know that? Well, that means you don’t know several of the benefits of watermelons listed below, either!

Benefits Of Watermelon

Unsplash | Watermelons are brim-full of benefits for your body

It aids hydration

Watermelon contains about 92% of water. This shouldn’t surprise you, though, if you’re a regular consumer of the fruit. If you eat watermelon, you’re likely to feel full pretty soon thanks to its high water content. Add to that the high amount of fiber in it, and this fruit will save you from calories like no other!

It prevents asthma

That probably took you off your feet, but it’s true. According to research, watermelon has been found to contain free radicals that fight against asthma. The researchers validated their points, stating that the fruit contains certain antioxidants and enough vitamin C to inhibit asthma.

It reduces blood pressure

A study done in 2012 found that watermelon extract has a significant effect on blood pressure. Most commonly, it reduces blood pressure in people experiencing early hypertension and obesity.

Also, some antioxidants in the fruit have a profound effect on the function of the arteries. Watermelon has also been found to contain lycopene, which fights against heart diseases.

watermelon reduces blood pressure

Unsplash | The tropical fruit helps in maintaining blood pressure

It helps keep cancer at bay

Due to the presence of antioxidants like cucurbitacin E and lycopene, watermelon is considered to be a great fighter against cancer. Lycopene has been found to work great against cancerous tissues found in the digestive system.

It works by lowering the insulin-like growth factor that’s predominant during cell division. On the other hand, Cucurbitacin E is an excellent inhibitor of tumor growth in the body.

It enhances the functions of the brain

Watermelon helps the brain to function and coordinate well. It contains an antioxidant called choline. Choline enhances learning, memory, muscle movement, the transmission of nerve impulses, and rapid brain development. This may seem to be a lot of work, but it’s no biggie for a watermelon!

It polishes the skin

If you’re a fan of good melanin popping skin, then don’t stay away from watermelon. This baby has enough vitamin C to trigger the production of collagen, a glycoprotein that’s important for cell structure and immune function. Vitamin C also catalyzes wound healing and promotes smooth skin.

watermelon polishes the skin

Unsplash | Regular consumption of watermelons makes the skin bright and polished

To Conclude

As if that wasn’t enough, studies are underway to analyze even more benefits of watermelons.  But jokes apart, eating a watermelon a day is probably the best thing you’ll do for your body. So why don’t you chomping on this cool fruit and start tapping into these benefits and more?