Minor faults in your car are ignorable; some so much that you keep putting off going to a car mechanic as per your convenience. But imagine you’re driving your car with a broken headlight one day (silly we know, but people actually do that since that doesn’t bother them while driving). Now, suddenly a police car signals you to pull over. You’re going to have a tough time explaining why you were lazy enough to not get that headlight fixed!

Michigan Campaign and car repairs

WTOV | Michigan residents have initiated a free road-side assistance campaign to help people whose cars need minor repairs

We know you don’t like the sound of that, no one would. And realizing this very fact, the people in Michigan have found a solution so that no one has to worry about something like that anymore. According to a new campaign, a voluntary group of people in Ypsilanti have taken it on themselves to perform minor repairs on cars running on the streets. Isn’t that simply genius?!

Let’s find out a little more.

Free Car Service Campaign in Michigan

A group of people near Ann Arbor have started a free campaign to help those at risk of car pull over. The initiative, called POP (Pull Over Prevention), offers free repairs to small car faults such as a broken headlight, minor tire cuts, or even fluid leaks. Thus, these cars are protected from police stops.

Free Car Service Campaign in Michigan

Freepik | The initiative, called POP (Pull Over Prevention), offers free repairs to small car faults such as a broken headlight, minor tire cuts, or even fluid leaks

This idea is all set to become a reality on September 26, 2020, and it’s expected, as always, that the thought behind it will spread throughout the state. However, the people in charge of this campaign have admitted that they don’t have the time or even the space to carry out large-scale reforms. Therefore, at least for the current period, they will be limited to simple repairs that can help the largest number of people.

Now we know what you’re thinking – it’s just another attempt to bring in donations, right? Well actually, that’s where you’re wrong. The program officials have already announced on their official Facebook page that they don’t ask for donations or any fees from people who will repair the cars, and they added that they’ve already collected enough money to continue this activity for a long time.

The Michigan group

Freepik | The group doesn’t seek donations and is offering this as a service to society

Looks like it’s purely humanitarian

The motivation behind the act seems to be purely humanitarian. Even Amanda Mayer, co-director of MANY (Mutual Aid Network of Ypsilanti) has had her car pulled over, so she knows very well how it feels. In appreciation of this idea, others have begun to offer assistance. Even a local repair shop called Auto Value has announced that it’s willing to provide repair equipment and all necessities at very low prices. Several other people in the surrounding area announced the donation of equipment as well. Looks like everyone adores hope!