Getting married could be the best decision of your life. But making a marriage work isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It takes commitment, compassion, and care to keep it strong.

If you’ve been married for a while but are feeling something’s amiss, don’t take too much pressure. We know it’s not easy. But instead of considering separation right away, take a breath and try out a couple of these simple things. Who knows, you just might rekindle the lost spark!


Unsplash | Making a marriage work takes effort

Explore the five languages of love

How many love languages do you know? According to marriage counselor Gray Chapman’s book, “the five love languages,” physical touch, genuine compliments, attention, support, and unexpected gifts are the five key elements that can make any marriage last. To come closer to your partner, you need to understand which language they seek and let them know what you want. Pro tip – engage in romantic quizzing to find out (*wink*)!

Have me-time

We know you love your spouse and want to spend as much time with them as possible, but have you considered the importance of spending quality time with yourself? Split up (just for a few hours) and enjoy your own company at least once a week. There’s a life outside your relationship, which if you ignore for too long will start impacting your marriage. After all, don’t you want your partner to miss you? Well, give them a chance!

take out time for yourself

Unsplash | To keep things from getting boring, take out time for yourself every now and then

Less talk and more action might NOT help

When it comes to needs, you should know that your spouse has emotional requirements in addition to the physical. Talking helps! Regardless of how boring or annoying you find conversations, a simple talk is sometimes all it takes to mend the cracks.

Have you tried the 5:1 trick yet?

If you haven’t heard of the 5:1 technique, we’re happy to help!

We understand that arguments happen in a marriage. But what if you did it in a way that didn’t harm your relationship? The 5:1 method states that if you aren’t pleased with something about your partner, tell them about it, but don’t forget to add five positive things about them that you love. A compliment, a peck on the cheek, or any other affection will do. Bet you hadn’t thought of that, right?

Apologize the right way

Apologizing isn’t always easy, we get it. But letting your loved ones stay hurt isn’t right. If you can’t say sorry right away, show them you feel it. Make it known to them that you want to make this better. Never say things like “I am sorry, but you started the fight.” It will only tear you apart.

Apologize the right way

Unsplash | Talk to your partner about important things and don’t assume their response

To Conclude

At one point in your marriage, you might feel that letting go is the best option. But before considering that, think about what got you together and remember the good times. That’ll push you a little harder to give it another shot. And if you follow these expert tips, we’re sure you’ll be able to turn your relationship around dramatically.