2020 was a particularly challenging year for everyone. Between the pandemic, nationwide protests, and racial injustice, there was a lot to worry about.

Amidst such a globally grim environment, feeling devoid of any joy or happiness was almost expected.

Rediscover The Joy In Life

Unsplash | The pandemic has caused people to drop to their saddest selves

But if there was one thing for sure, it was the fact that everyone was experiencing the same thing, and that kept many of us going.

If the previous year couldn’t give you enough reasons to smile, let 2021 make up for it. Take charge of your happiness, and follow the below mentioned science-backed tips for finding joy in your work and everyday life.

Look for meaning

We get it; there’s scare and panic at a global level. But aren’t the most challenging times a real test for your will power? So, regardless of how difficult it may seem, try to find meaning in the difficult times. Make it a conscious attempt to focus on the things you love and enjoy spending more time with your family.

Think small picture

All through our lives, we keep picturing our future and plan towards it. But the fact is that our everyday small moments build up our real joy. So watch that occasional Netflix movie with a tub of popcorn. Play loud music and dance to it with your partner and kids. Take your pet out for a walk, and we’re sure you’ll see the difference.

 picturing the future

Unsplash | Try to enjoy the little things in life instead of focusing on the future

Straighten out your spiral

When we’re upset, we tend to overthink all the things that haven’t gone right in our life. But did you know a simple change of thoughts is all it takes to make things right from this point on?

Avoid getting caught up in negative thought loops and finding ways to be grateful for what you have. You don’t have to maintain a journal if that’s too cheesy for you! Just close your eyes and reflect on the happy things you will do.

Why not try out a hobby?

Haven’t we often heard that some of the most successful people have the simplest of hobbies? So even if it’s as simple as watering the plants, find out what your hobby is, something that gives you joy. Regardless of how many responsibilities you have during the day, take out just 15 minutes for it to rejuvenate yourself.

Be present 

Most of us either live in the shadow of our past or in the hopes of our future. But believe us, neither of the two mindsets can bring you joy. It’s only the present that matters. Thus, learn to exist in the ‘Now’.

Be present

Unsplash | Learning to live in the ‘Now’ is the biggest secret of happiness

To sum it up

While happiness can be easily manufactured, it’s difficult to cultivate joy. It’s an ongoing process that takes time, but it’s totally worth it. Why waste any time then? Start today!