Hypertension is a big word, isn’t it? But did you know that the issues associated with it are even bigger? The condition isn’t new to anyone. It’s a silent invader, which has spared none. Young or elderly, everyone is on its target. And our simple negligence lets such a chronic disease disrupt our lives.

But before you get all confused and scared, it’s imperative that you know what it actually is and if there’s a way to deal with it.

 High Blood Pressure

Food Revolution Network | Hypertension is a common result of elevated blood pressure

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension is a medical condition that elevates the blood pressure level of the body creating a high strain on the artery walls. Needless to say, it can’t be ignored for long, or else, it may even cost you your life. The best thing to do is try and deal with it smartly.

But how do you do that? TBH, it’s not as tricky as you think. A few simple changes in your diet can help you conquer high blood pressure. And to give you a good head-start, we’ve brought forth the 5 foods that are ideal for the purpose.


Bet you didn’t see this coming! Did you know that bananas can manage your blood pressure? They’re high in potassium, which helps in keeping a check on the sodium content in the body (excessive sodium results in water retention while putting pressure on our blood vessels). So why not spare your body from the unwanted drama and just include two bananas in your everyday meals?

Banana Control High Blood Pressure

Gulf News | Bananas keep a check on the sodium in the body, thus curbing high blood pressure

Low Fat Yogurt

Yogurt is full of so many benefits that a day’s time isn’t sufficient to learn about them all! The American Journal of Hypertension has published a study stating that two servings of yogurt every week can lower your blood pressure significantly. Time to enjoy a creamy treat without thinking twice we say!


Ugh, right? We get it. Beets are probably not the most loved of veggies, but you should know that the high level of nitrates in them is good for you. When you consume beetroot, the nitrate in it gets converted into nitric oxide which widens your blood vessel. Thus, this magical food helps regulate the blood pressure while keeping your heart healthy. Still, having second thoughts?


Yep, there was a reason why Popeye became all-powerful with his tin of spinach! The high content of fibers, folates, calories, and magnesium in this superfood lowers your blood pressure. This heart-friendly food is rich in potassium as well, which regulates the sodium level in the body. So, make your heart all healthy and happy by adding plenty of spinach to your salad.

Spinach Control High Blood Pressure

Serving Joy | Spinach is rich in magnesium, folate, and fiber which help lower BP

Wrapping it up

Staying completely clear from junk and adopting a healthy lifestyle seems impossible in today’s world. But no matter what, you should always prioritize health over anything else. We hope the tips above can help you manage your blood pressure efficiently and stay away from issues like hypertension.